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Request for Proposals for FSC® 100% Hard Maple.

Sell Us Your FSC® 100% Hard Maple!

Wanted: FSC® 100% Hard Maple Lumber: Rough-cut or milled to our specifications.

Can you supply us with any of the following?

  • 4/4 FSC 100% Hard Maple,
  • 7/4 FSC 100% Hard Maple,
  • 8/4 FSC 100% Hard Maple, and/or
  • 12/4 FSC 100% Hard Maple ?

If so, please continue reading.

Greetings, Supplier —

Photo of Wooden Blocks for Kids: CP01 Infant Toddler Set of Unit Blocks.

If you can provide FSC® 100% Hard Maple, we'd like to see about ordering a sample of 100 to 1000 board feet with a significant potential for ongoing orders.

Our typical block stock, milled square, is 2.75" x 1.375" x 4 feet, so 3" wide 6/4, 7/4, or 8/4 meets most needs. Many of the blocks we make measure 11 or 22 inches and must have no defects on any side for those cut lengths. Experience tells us that FAS and Select or Better produces significantly less waste, particularly because a significant portion of our business is bulk purchases of these longer children's blocks.

Because our product is 2.75 inches wide, 4" wide boards are 25%+ waste to us. Boards that are between 3.5 and 4.75 inches wide should be sold to someone who can use them for a purpose that will produce less waste, like flooring, furniture, or cabinetry.

We prefer 3" wide boards, although that width is technically beneath the requirements for FAS or Select & Better. We can also use 5" and wider boards effectively.

Requirements for FSC 100% Hard Maple Lumber

FSC® 100% Hard Rock Maple, Kiln-dried
Surface: FAS / Select & Better (83-1/3 % clear of defects both sides), COLOR IS NOT A DEFECT, knots are a defect
Minimum Board Width: 3" wide
1000 board feet per order (if you have a smaller lot, let me know)
* Typically, 7/4 or 8/4 thickness, with 3" or 6.25" widths preferred
* Optionally, Up to one quarter may be 4/4, 3" or 6.25" widths preferred
* Alternatively, 12/4 is preferred if available (all my dimensions can be cut from this with minimal waste)
Delivery of rough cut lumber to Fletcher, NC, to warehouse on US 25 near I-26 exit
Address: Hendersonville Road, Fletcher, NC

Milling Requirements for Wooden Block Stock

This is Optional. It is not required to mill lumber in order to sell us lumber.

Milling with zero chip-out, OR milling AND sanding to remove all chip-out, of supplied wood, S4S to within 5/1000 of an inch
* 2.755 x 1.380 (majority) : in 7/4 or 8/4, one linear foot = 7/16 or 1/2 board foot
* 1.380 square (undersized remainders) : in 7/4 or 8/4, one linear foot = 1/4 board foot
* 2.755 x 6.880 (up to one quarter) : in 4/4 or resawn 8/4, one linear foot = 1/4 board foot
Per linear foot pricing requested. Dowels or dowel blanks can be discussed.
Delivery of milled wood to Asheville, NC, to warehouse on US 19-23-74 near I-40 exit
Address: Piney Park Road, Asheville, NC

Please submit proposals to me. Let us know if you have questions.

All the best,

Pepi Acebo, Owner

Website Address:

Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks
Asheville, NC 28801

828-419-0850 Main Number
888-799-0797 Toll-Free for School Sales & Institutional Buyers

888-516-0210 Toll-Free Fax Order Line

Featured Standard Unit Blocks: Carolina Pratt Wooden Block Sets

We recommend these sets of wooden blocks for Toddlers, Preschools, Elementary School Classrooms, and Private Homes.

We’re a Proud Member of the Handmade Toy Alliance. We’re also an FSC®-certified manufacturer, which applies to products marked as FSC®-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council® promotes responsible forestry and use of forest products through third-party monitoring and verification. Our FSC® certification number is RA-COC-007619-BK. Our FSC® license code is FSC® C133487.

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